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Summerfruit & Chia


Summerfruit & Chia
Summerfruit & Chia Summerfruit & Chia

Our Jam Goddess Summerfruit & Chia is so low in sugar we can't even call it a jam so let's call it a fruit spread as it is so very fruity! Made with the best berries summer has to offer as well as some chia seeds for extra goodness. Juicy and sweet strawberries dance across your tongue with plump blackcurrants, redcurrants and raspberries.

It has a deliciously sweet and tangy flavour. It will make your toast burst with flavour and tingle your taste buds in all the right places. It is also great mixed in your morning porridge or in your morning smoothie so you can indulge totally innocently.

Even more amazing, it has 70% less calories than a normal jam. So the whole jar has LESS than 140 calories or just 10 calories per spoon! 

Ingredients: Blackberries, Blackcurrants, Blueberries, Cherries, Raspberries, Redcurrants, Strawberries, Stevia Sweetener, Chia seeds,  Gelling Agent (Fruit Pectin), Antioxidant (Ascorbic Acid), Acidity Regulator (Citric Acid)

No refined or added sugar, no artificial flavouring, colours or preservatives.

Net weight: 190g 

Shelf life: 12 months

Keep this fruit spread in the fridge after opening and use within 2 weeks.